Steve Costello is a versatile touring/session guitarist as well as an innovative Blues/Rock solo artist. He has been honing his craft for years playing all over the globe with acts like Beth Hart, The Mark Wood Experience, Kaya Stewart, and his self titled project. Steve has released an EP, a full length record and many singles featuring drummer Elijah Wood. He has released two music videos of songs featured on his record and has also appeared on a number of recordings as a session guitarist.  His solo project quickly gained momentum and notoriety after being invited aboard the first Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea festival where he was able to connect with Carmine Rojas. (Bass Player for David Bowie, Rod Stewart, Joe Bonamassa) He and Carmine have been working together on a new record and look to release it in the coming months. A Canadian native now living in LA, Steve has been able to connect with many more amazing musicians. He has also been fortunate enough to have backing from companies like Ernie Ball Music Man and Orange Amps. Steve continues to grow as a player and will never stop moving forward with his musical career.

Great musical things are coming out of Canada and his name is Steve Costello a wonderful singer and a great guitarist I love the remake version of the song evil you should check him out for sure
— Carmine Rojas [David Bowie, Rod Stewart, Joe Bonamassa]
...your performance on your ‘Evil’ vid was awesome, really good playing and singing
— Carmine Appice
. . . the hard rock hybrid sound of The Steve Costello Band, hailing from Sudbury, Ontario. The group created an intoxicating mix of dirty down-tuned guitar grooves with incredibly catchy choruses, clean cut lead vocals, and lilting back up harmonies that would make most pop groups jealous. Lead singer Steve Costello not only writes the lyrics, vocal melodies and most of the riffs, he also brings a sincere stage presence and monstrous lead guitar chops with highflying solos that surprised most everyone in attendance.
— Lithium Magazine